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Thoughts on Fangirl

Fangirl - Rainbow Rowell

I liked this book. I liked the writing, I appreciated some parts while I was not so interested in others, the main problem was that this book didn't engrosse me, therefore I wasn't eager to finish it.


I gave it 3.5 stars
I've quite enjoyed this book. It was fun to read, quirky writing, overall an interesting story.
But somehow it didn't get to me as I thought it would, some things just unnerved me like referencing Harry Potter, that one sentence just didn't belong there and it was so frustrating.Why do that!? And then I thought Simon Snow parts could've been a bit shorter or more connected to the story, they were somehow just left hanging there, not doing anything particularly interesting.
But not being a huge contemporary fan I would say I was surprised that I liked this book at all. So, that's a positive thing, right?
I could identify with some things with Cath but there was something about her that I just didn't connect with as much as I would've wanted to. The romance part didn't quite excite me, it was just ok. I was missing something however.

Nevertheless, a lot of people liked this book and I can see why, although I, personally wasn't mindblowned by it.